Venues and Menus

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Winslow Dining Hall

Winslow Menus  

Winslow is the largest venue on campus, all-you-care-to-eat and specifically designed for students living on campus. Constantly changing menus keep up with student tastes.  Tell us how you liked your dinner!

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The Stampede

The Stampede Delivery Menu

The Stampede accepts Flex, Visa, or Mastercard and offers great deals on toasted grinders, cheesesticks, hot wings, combos and more. Prepay when you order. Operated through Winslow Dining Hall.

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Fast Track

Fast Track provides convenience in the midst of the residential colleges. Pick up anything from milk to household items. Located next to Winslow Dining Hall.

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Thoroughbred Room

Thoroughbred Room Menus

The Thoroughbred Room (or the T-Room) is our second largest venue, located in the heart of the Curris Center. Options galore for a bite before, between, or after your classes.

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Market '22

If you're in a hurry and looking for something quick and delicious—and a little on the lighter side—then Market '22 is the place for you! Located next to the T-Room on the second floor of the Curris Center, Market '22 also features a wide selection of fresh-made sushi made in the venue by Sushi with Gusto.

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Thoroughbrewed Café

In addition to delectable pastries, the Thoroughbrewed Café serves your Starbucks favorites, so stop by for a frappuccino, latte, or shaken iced tea. Located on the second floor of the Curris Center. 

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Conveniently located in Waterfield Library, Starbooks has a wide selection of drinks and snacks. Whether you stop in for a cup of joe on your way to class or you need to power up for an intense study session, Starbooks has got you covered.

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Pony Express

Pony Express Menu

Hours and Locations Map

Look for Pony Express around campus during the day and at night; good food is never too far away. Times and locations vary, so be sure to follow us on Twitter!
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Business Express

On the second floor of the Business Building, Business Express has oneverything you need for a working lunch.

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Murray State Catering is ready to serve delicious food at any event you're planning in Calloway County. We even provide a special student menu for student organizations on a budget. Check out our online menu or call 270.809.2746 for details!

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